SOP ( Standard Operating Procedure)

1. Discuss construction Requirements and Budget with Clients. Our Team will discuss with clients reagarding requirement & budget of project, as each customer has unique budget allowances or constraints. ... Quality. ...Functionality. ...Reliability. ...Performance. ...Sustainability. ...Transparency. ...Convenience
2. 2D drawings, Structure Drawing and Architecture Drawing Preparation. After Sucessfull discusion with client, we will start to process of project drawings.
3. Agreement. Once completed project Drawings, we will make a agreement with client understanding with each other.
4. Execution and Updates. Once project may start, work will process continuously till end of the project.
5. Regular Site Visit. Our team will inspect the site regularly & comunicate with client on each & every stage of work.
6. Completion and Handover. After completion of project , Our team will expalin to client as per procedure & as per drawings that's how we construct your Dream arround you.